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creative podcast production & audio marketing

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Our latest

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listen to what  

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can do for you!

In Partnership With

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We know that podcasts are an essential part of a constantly evolving digital media world - and we're right there!


We work with podcasters, agile brands, businesses large and small, audio communicators, digital agencies and 

public bodies - helping them navigate through the audio landscape to tell stories, deliver news and publicity and open minds and ears to a message.

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Our Work

Find out what we have been up to, who we have worked with, what we have been saying and how supersonic 

cuts through, delivering great content in a changing audio and digital arena, across 


As well as producing great audio content for our 

partners and clients, we also produce original, in house 

podcasts, devised and 

produced by supersonic

as we cross the genres, from sports to business to human interest documentaries

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